Show and Sell Contract Furniture with the Power of Virtual and Augmented Reality

Meet The KITS collaborator™ XRPro Edition, mobile sales platform developed to satisfy the needs of today's office furniture sales professional.

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Transform Your Sales Process

The tools you already know, now with disruptive technology to create powerful customer experiences. 


Leave no room for the imagination

VR and AR remove ‘I’m just not seeing it’ from your clients’ vocabulary by letting them understand the size and scale of your solutions - and the value of your upsells.


Conquer a client’s hesitation

VR and AR are true ‘try before you buy’ engines  - let your clients see and understand your solution with perfect clarity to help them decide faster.


Cut to the sale faster

Speed time to sale by removing ambiguity, overcoming objections and re-specifying - in a single meeting.

The Immersive Power of XR Digital Reality

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Fast, Simple VR

Transform your 2D rendering into an immersive VR experience. Allow your client to explore any design on a headset or browser in VR mode.

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"Try before you buy" with AR

Let your clients "see" their furniture in their own office by sending
your solution to their phone or tablet
with our AR app.

Set your solution inside their space in Augmented Reality.

Create an Augmented Reality project to send directly to your client's phone - allow them to place your solution right in their space. Let your clients interact with AR Elements -  adjust options and get instant feedback on your proposal.



Everything you need to sell office furniture

in one meeting. Not seven. 

Transport your clients into your proposal in Virtual Reality.

Immerse your client in a VR version of your 2D rendering with a click of a button. Experience the scene as an interactive 360° panorama in any browser or desktop mode. Or view the project in Virtual Reality using a VR headset.


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